Whether you are running an old DOS computer, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT4, 2000 or XP we can help you resolve your computer problems.

Networking Capabilities

ZTX SYSTEMS has performed a variety of networking tasks including design and build-out "from the ground up" for numerous DFW Area companies. Below is a sampling of some of types of tasks we can perform for you.

Services we can perform for you include:

• Corporate Network Design, Consulting, and Research Services
• Setup of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Networks
• Wireless LAN Setup (Including Orinoco)
• Windows 2000/NT server setup, configuration, and support
• Assistance selecting Dedicated Internet connectivity [DSL, Cable, T1, etc] (with a customer selected ISP)
• Router installation and configuration
• Firewall Installation and configuration of rules, etc. (Including Sonicwall)
• VPN appliance installation and configuration
• Windows Server based VPN setup
• Small Internet Gateway Router installation and configuration
• Web Server setup Win NT/2000,2003
• Backup system H/W installation
(Exabyte, HP, Overland, etc) - Single Drive or Magazine
• Veritas BackupExec S/W installation and configuration
(NT/2000 or Netware)
• Networked Workstation Installation and Setup
• Internal/Corporate Email System Setup
• Network Troubleshooting, repair
• Workstation Troubleshooting , repair
• Networked Printer Installation/External Print server Installation
• Anti-Virus Deployment (Including NAV Corporate)
• Hub/Switch Installation
• UPS Installation
• Cable Management Cleanup
• and more...

ZTX SYSTEMS can help and show you how to keep your computer running in tip top shape by providing tips and instruction on how to perform:


Computer Support Options

  • Prepaid - Purchase a prepaid time slot (ex. 4 hours) of support time from our ZTX SYSTEMS Help Desk that you can redeem whenever you have a problem. Hours used by a Technician to fix a problem will be deducted accordingly to the minute, so no paid time is wasted. You are free to use the prepaid time to have a computer installed or cleaned.
  • Rent a Techie - This feature allows you to rent a Techie for a day (or 1/2 day) to do a number of functions around your office. For example, to configure a computer, resolve outstanding problems, move computers, clean a computer or perform computer maintenance. Use the time however you want and need, the Techie is yours for 1/2 or full day(s). The advantage of Rent A Techie is that you incorporate many different tasks that are outstanding around the office and have them all done in a short timeframe. Experience a 15% reduction on the daily rate (compared to hourly rate) if you rent a Techie for a complete day (8 hours).
  • Ask a Techie - If you subscribe to our prepaid support plan, you can use some of this time to call a Techie to pose a question. As it is not possible to know everything, if the answer is not known, the Techie will research the question and get back to you as quickly as possible. The time spent on the telephone as well as the time spent researching will be deducted from the clients prepaid time. So if there is something you want to know, ask a Techie!

Computer Relocation

Often companies move computer equipment around in their department or office building that will enable them to take full advantage of existing computer resources. Often, for example, when new computers are purchased, there is a ripple affect that occurs, the Senior person gets the new computer, the Intermediate gets the Seniors computer, then the Junior eventually receives the Intermediates computer. Or perhaps there is a reorganization within a company or department and 20 or more computers will now need to be relocated to a different floor, or the other side of the office. ZTX SYSTEMS provides this service from A to Z.

Our service includes:

  • initial meeting with client to discuss specifics of relocation
  • written confirmation of our service cost and our guarantee that this price will not suddenly change
  • depending on the size of the move, there may be a requirement to work as a team with telephone technicians, building management people and movers.
  • working with provided floor plans to best figure the plan of action
  • whatever timeframe suits our client need, work can be performed during regular business hours, off-hour, over night or on the weekend, all at the same rate to our client.
  • disconnection of computer equipment ensuring all wires and peripherals are secured for relocation.
    transfer of computer equipment to destination in computer beds using extreme caution and care.
    reconnection of computer equipment and peripherals in the predetermined position on a client workstation.
  • insure all wires are tucked away from sight and the workstation computer equipment and peripherals display a neat and tidy appearance.
  • turn on computer, wait for logon screen to appear (if applicable), log then report all problems to predetermined company contact.
  • provide written summary of overall move outlining problems or delays incurred.
    a ZTX SYSTEMS representative will be either on-site or on-call the first business day after the move just in case some move changes are required by the client.
  • final wrap-up meeting with client


Inventory & Documentation Updating

This service can easily take place while performing computer cleaning, moving or as a separate project of its own. The rigors of keeping your computer equipment and peripherals documentation up to date can be a difficult task if you fall too far behind the process. Finding the time to commit a resource to this function is sometimes just as difficult as the actual work, fact is, everyone is busy and it's hard to find the time to document. This is where Computer Shine can help you.

We will:

  • list the exact number of computers, monitors, printers, scanners and all the other computer related peripherals.
  • list the make, model, type, serial number and whatever else the client require documented
  • provide this documentation in a simple database format (Excel, Access) or raw data format.
  • we can enter and update your current inventory database, or create one for your specific needs.
  • An accurate inventory can easily save your company cost and is especially important if you are in the process of purchasing new computer equipment. Knowing what you already have in inventory goes a long way in determining what your company computer needs are in the future. With this updated inventory knowledge you will be in a frontline position to make informed decisions and move computer equipment around to different employees then purchase only what you require.
  • If for example your company decides to upgrade to a newer operating system like Windows 2000 or XP, your computer equipment will need to meet a minimum level of performance requirement for the new operating system to function properly. ZTX SYSTEMS can take this level of complexity one step further and document all your computer equipment as stated above, then add the additional information:
  • CPU speed
  • hard disk type and gig size
  • RAM total
  • available free space on hard drive
  • video card type
  • other cards installed in each computer
  • add all other information client requests
  • Let ZTX SYSTEMS take the guess work out of your inventory blues.

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